Simone Goldsmith

The concept for this collection started when I began work as a hut ranger on the great walks in Fiordland National Park. I have always loved art and the outdoors, so putting them together seemed like the best fit possible. 

I grew up in Whakatane, a small town in the Bay of Plenty, NZ. And was fortunate to be exposed to a wide variety of arts through family, teachers and later the local Molly Morpeth art awards. In 2015 I was lucky to have success with the local artist prize at the awards and have continue to create works in varying mediums. I was also exposed to the outdoors with hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, diving, and volunteering with tracks and conservation all building an love of the outdoors.

Moving south introduced me to a different side of the outdoors, from bush and beaches to mountains and tussock. Continuing to create art while living and working in the national park brought these two passions closer. I received further encouragement to purse art at the Arrowtown Autumn art awards when received the young artist award in 2019. 

Building resilience, technique and confidence in both art and outdoor pursuits takes time. They are both areas where learning is never finished.

For me this collection of work is a great way to communicate in a form, and about a topic for which I am passionate about. I plan to expand this collection, adding more works to continue the conversation about the relationship between people and nature.


Images: Top- Myself and checky Kea (B6) 'Guide Olivia', who's favorite past time is waking the Mintaro hut ranger at 5am by tapping on the door.

Bottom- Myself next to 3 of my works at the Arrowtown Autumn art awards. The middle work receiving the young artist award.

All artworks remain copyright of the artist