artist portfolioart portfolio

  • Acrylic. Commissioned works to name the new huts bunk rooms.
  • Mixed Medium.
  • Pencil.
  • Acrylic.
  • This work is both personally and culturally significant and may be considered sensitive. The child in this work is a family member and has both Maori and Dutch ancestry. For me this work ask many questions regarding culture identity and appropriation. Where should we stand? are we pushing our children to take one side over others? Are they free to explore all aspects of their family and personal history. How can we know where to stand when the pressure comes from all directions.
  • Winner of the young artist award at the Arrowtown Autumn Art Awards 2019. Watercolor.
  • Pencil. Exhibited at the arrow town autumn art awards.
  • Exhibited in the Arrowtown Autumn art awards 2019. Watercolor.
  • A tribute to the vessel much loved, from a passengers photo of the Skipper(Capitan) diving off, last man leaving the ship. Made for the owners. A loss to them, the company, and the community. Burnt to the waterline on January 16 2018 after multiple fire systems failed. Just outside the Whakatane river mouth. Of the 53 passengers and 7 crew no one was seriously injured. Multiple local vessels were quick to respond. I loved my time working abord her(Peejay V).
  • A study in soft pastels
  • Mixed Medium. Exhibited in the National youth art awards 2012
  • Pencil. Happy 79th to ranger Ross.
  • Commissioned family crest design
  • Pencil.
  • A tribute for your family. Acrylic on paper.
  • Watercolor.
  • Sculpture.

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